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Ho Chi Minh City construction update – 2021 edition

Here is the third annual Ho Chi Minh City construction update (following on from the 2019 and 2020 construction updates). Continuing from last year, COVID-19 continues to cast a shadow over the construction sector. In fact this year has been worse, as Vietnam was one of the best performing countries in handling the virus in […]

Unified Grand Central Station – Metro Manila

The Unified Grand Central Station (also called North Triangle Common Station) is an under-construction urban rail transit station in Quezon City, Metro Manila. This transport hub will connect LRT Line 1, MRT Line 3, MRT Line 7 (under construction), and the Metro Manila Subway (under construction). With four lines converging on the station, it will […]

Bang Sue Grand Station – The largest railway station in Southeast Asia

Bang Sue Grand Station (Bang Sue Central Station in Thai) is the new central railway station of Bangkok. The station will be the terminus for all current long-distance rail services and future high-speed railways, and through-trains for the SRT commuter lines and 3-airport HSR line. Bang Sue will replace Hua Lamphong Station as the main […]

Chiang Rai Railway

The Den Chai – Chiang Rai – Chiang Khong Railway is a proposed new railway in Northern Thailand. The railway would branch off from the current Bangkok-Chiang Mai Railway at Den Chai, towards Chiang Rai, and then Chiang Khong on the Thailand-Laos border. This rail was originally proposed in 1960 but nothing came of it. […]

Future Pattaya – Construction, infrastructure, and transport plans For Pattaya

Pattaya is a city on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand in Chonburi province, about 100 kilometres southeast of Bangkok. Pattaya’s proximity to Bangkok makes it a convenient beach getaway destination, and it’s a popular international retirement destination. Pattaya is the hub of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), which is made up of […]

Ho Chi Minh City Metro Concept Map

Ho Chi Minh City Metro Concept Map
If Saigon had a subway like Shanghai - an expanded map of the planned Ho Chi Minh City Metro.